Developing fiber composite material for automative interior part which comprised product development, schema determination nullification design and material choice.


Fiberpan provide innovative quality products to our customers. This mission is stronger than ever as OZER GROUP  aims to be the global automotive supplier of value-added thermoplastic composite sheets with different varieties  to vehicle manufacturers around the world.

Our multi-technological Fibropan panels, which are used in automotive interior trim parts, provide the best solutions for each market.

We present panels for each OEM specifications in all segments by integrating weight-reduction technology.

Fibropan provides full range of products to supply quality requirements and demands of customers.

Fibropan Thermoforming

Door Panels
Parcel Shelf

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Load Floor
Trunk Side Trim
Pillar Trim
Dashboard Insert
Pillar Flooring
Inner Tunnel Trim
Fibropan Privileges
Easy to Coat with Fibers
High Strength
Superior Mechanical Capacity
Thermal Insulation
Recyclable and Reusable Sound Insulation