Roplast has headquarters in Eskişehir/Turkey. It has been gained know-how technologies in recent years and produce with these Technologies; 
Corrugated plastic sheets,
Lightweight sandwich panels,
Foldable smart containers,
Composite panels
Insulation parts for white-goods
Automotive trims
Roplast serves with a young staff by combined with Ozer GROUP’s knowledge and experiences. It brings a breath of fresh air for traditional plastic sector by way of its different perspective and solutions. By means of its own basic principle, it has got very rich product range which belongs to trade or more specific usage areas.
Confidently, Roplast is going to forward the way of being supplier of many firms which are leader in the sector. Thanks to refresh day by day by its own, it will be in secure at the plastic market. Especially in Turkey, it is determined to be leader in traditional plastic sector due to has got some unique patented products. Such as S-line corrugated sheets, honeycomb core sandwich panels and foldable containers.


    1977 The foundation of Özer Group/ Özer Tile
    1993 The foundation of Özer Farina
    1998 The foundation of Sör Construction
    2007 The foundation of Sör Hotel
    2011 The foundation of Roplast
    2013 The foundation of Fiberpan
    2014 The foundation of Hexapan
    2016 The foundation of Hexapak


In the same breath Roplast will be stronger with aged experiences, it has got both young manager and young staff. It manufactures modern and designed products by extrusion and lamination systems which are brought from leader companies in all Europe and because of these products it goes forward to summit surely. These specific designed products are both visional and usefull for every areas. As well as they are used in heavy industrial, they can be used for personel needs
The one of the most missions is bringing about peace between plastic and nature. Roplast manufactures reusable products by using recyclable materials. Besides, while it reduces the cost, raises the products strength. This is one of its targets. Roplast presents many kind lightweight alternatives packaging systems to you. They are more preferable than other heavy containers and boxes.


ÖZER TİLE was founded in 1977, Özer Tile company serves for roofing.

ÖZER FARINA was founded under the ÖZER GROUP title in 1992 in Kütahya, Özer Farina supplies needs of manufacturers which are the first line in Turkey.

SÖR CONSTRUCTION was founded in 2007, has headquarter in Eskişehir. The company is in real estate purchase and sale sector improving in sector confidentially.

SÖR HOTEL has been started to build in 2009 and the construction is stil continue in Eskişehir. The hotel will enter into service in 2013.

RÖPLAST& HEXAPAN were founded in 2011 which its headquarter is Eskişehir. Röplast service in white appliance, isolation, automotive and packaging sectors by using know-how technology and Light boards in Turkey. Also, Röplast brings a breath of fresh air in packaging sector with recyclable material.  


The first aim of our company, which operates without conceding from its quality, is effect the environment at the least and minimal degrees. Our quaility makes stronger environment conscious with reusable and recyclable products. Therefore we present our quality as an award to everybody who struggle for nature and protect evironment with the environmental sensibility that we have always in our mind. The whole of company from managers to workers, gives an important value for living creatures basing on the technology of portecting environment and gives a result with its quality. We are aware of the fact that we can not measure our quality without taking the nature in account. Also we invite you to attend in our quality to live in nature all together. durabilitiy of our products comes from the nature, that`s why we belive that stronger environment will help us to take our steps advanced.   


In order to provide the most suitable solutions according to the needs of our valued customers,
our laboratory team with its experienced and expert staff continues its activities without any breaks.


Our company has adopted the principle of environmental policy, as well as the development of its own products and services, the sustainability of the life cycle is keeping in the first place.
Our main policy is to comply with national and international regulations, to make the most useful use of recycling.
In all our activities, we strive to protect global resources, minimize pollution and waste levels, always maintain our environmental standards and contribute to sustainability.

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